I Promise I’ll Write Soon!

Busy with life–learning a new culture, new language, adjusting. Here’s a few photos to let you know we are alive and well and promise we’ll get you up-to-date soon!

The rain in Spain…looking down from our third story walk-up
Spanish horchata comes from tiger nuts that are farmed nearby in the Alboraya area. Craig and I biked through the region last weekend.




7 thoughts on “I Promise I’ll Write Soon!

    1. We will keep you posted on HHI, but may put it off until winter or spring. The apartment we rented is probably not our permanent place, so are awaiting filming until we do find the right place. Best to you and Patricia!


      1. We are in Switzerland until the end of August. Let us know when you head to Costa Bravo. We’ve got some restaurant recommendations for that area.


  1. Hi to you both, Frankly, I am glad to hear that your life is filled with great things to do and that it keeps you from dwelling on just reporting about it. We safely delivered the guitar to Franz and he LOVES it. It could be his favorite at this point. He played it every day we were there — over 2 weeks — and never got out any of the old ones. he younger brother came to visit and the first thing Franz showed him was the new guitar. See attached image. We send our warmest greetings and best wishes for a wonderful life and memorable adventures. Keep up the good work! Andy Andrew Glantz Roberta Adams 5450 E. Cortez Dr. Scottsdale, AZ, 85254 480.699.8803


    1. Andy,

      Great to hear from you and that Franz enjoys the guitar. We’d love to make it up to Germany sometime to meet him and listen to Franz play the guitar. We are taking your advice to visit Roses, Cadaques and Figures at the end of August to discover a new area, food and culture of Northern Spain. We didn’t see the attached photos, so please send them to Alisa@RetirementRoadNotes.com

      Much love,
      Alisa y Craig


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