We Could Get Spoiled

The view from LAX One World Lounge

Flying business class or premium on  airlines typically costs an arm and a leg. Since we had to reschedule our departure, the usual economy+ class was booked. So rather than scrunch in the back of the greyhound (so to speak) we opted for premium. Making it through the  TSA in LAX Bradley terminal is about as degrading as it gets. The business line wasn’t too bad, once we made it through we headed to the #OneWorldLounge where we could relax in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere, eat from a pretty nice smorgasbord and enjoy a nice glass of cab.

With a four hour wait here at LAX and couple of hours at Gatwick, we are ecstatic about @fly_norwegian premium. We’ll keep you posted on the flight.   

Good news–Norwegian flies nonstop from NYC (Newark) to Barca and beginning June 15, nonstop from LAX. This should make our future travels much less physically taxing. 

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