Yippee! It’s really happening

Dear Mr. Wells,
 Your Residency visas have been issued and are ready for pick up, in person, any day Monday to Friday from 09.00 am to 01.00 pm. No appointment needed.
 Please note that this Consulate will be closed on April 13th and 14th.
 Best regards,
 Visa Department
Consulate General of Spain

4 thoughts on “Yippee! It’s really happening

  1. Hi, thanks for posting about your upcoming Valencian life. My wife Susan and I are a few months behind you in almost exactly the same the process. Would you be willing to share what type of information you used for your financial proof? I’m trying to figure out what the SF consulate is looking for in that regard. We have an appointment in June. Saludos.

    And good luck.


    1. Hi Jamie,
      It is a very long and arduous process, but we hope and believe everything will be worth it. We printed statements from our bank and brokerage accounts. My advice to you, have the original PLUS two copies of EVERYTHING with you when you visit the Consulate–they wanted one for Craig’s application and one for mine. Also, if you caught our earlier post, have your FBI clearance apostilled at the State Department in DC (not your secretary of state). We found a concierge service that helped us in a jiffy…however between their fees and fedex back and forth and to the Consulate, we ended spending an additional $300 that wouldn’t have been necessary if we handled that in advance. Please look us up when you arrive. Happy to share we learn along the way.
      Alisa y Craig


      1. Thanks guys. We have everything ready except the financial statement because I couldn’t figure out what in the world might be required. Brokerage and bank statements make sense and that’s what I had in mind, but it’s nice to know what worked.
        We’ll look you up come October…


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