The Saga Continues…

Just like the saying, “there’s an app for that,” there should be one that says, “there’s a way to accomplish just about anything.”

So, to remind you; we did not get our visas immediately approved because we did not have our FBI clearance apostilled by the US State Department. Here we are in Arizona and our paperwork must be hand-delivered in DC.

Rather than expect my colleague in DC to drop everything she is doing to schlep across town at 8am (yes, the State Department only accepts walk-ins between 8-9 am!) I found the saving grace—Help Me Rhonda concierge service Rhonda was quick to respond to my request, professional and even knew the State Department drill. Drop off one day, set an appointment to return three days later to pick up the docs. Within 11 days of returning from the Consulate, our FBI apostilled clearance docs are on their way to LA!

We continue to post our stuff on Craig’s List and whittle things down. It is our goal to put one 10×20 container in storage, sell all of our belongings, cars and home and relocate to a 1400 square foot (if we are lucky) furnished apartment in central Valencia. We’ll be walking, using mass transit and hopefully purchase two of those cool, folding bikes to get us around town.

Are we scared? Yes. Are we crazy? Hell yes! Eight weeks until we take the leap!


3 thoughts on “The Saga Continues…

  1. Your plans are just like ours. We will move to central Valencia, rent a furnished apartment, sell everything here (house and all). Do you speak Spanish?


    1. Hi Anna,
      Our house is up for sale, we have sold most of our belongings and are arriving in Valencia with two suitcases each. Last fall when we were in Valencia we went to a great language school, Route 66. It is right off the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. We plan to go back to school when we settle in, as our Spanish is barely passable. Also, we are using a fantastic relocation expert, Linda from We would highly recommend using Linda, she is a true professional and delightful.

      Please keep in touch, we are happy to share what we learn along the way.


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