The End is Near!

Holy moly! Ten years ago I thought I would be working until I was 70, now at age 58, I will be retiring in four weeks. Craig retires today! Craig was a reinvented, reimagined soul. At age 50 after a long career as a commercial photographer, with a sick wife and two teenagers, he went back to school for his third degree—this time in nursing. When we met in 2008, he was completing his master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner. While he enjoyed many opportunities in health care, his most fulfilling was his last three years in a community health clinic serving the indigent and refugees. He would come home to tell me about families from Congo, Bhutan, Sudan, Iran, Iraq and many others—all coming to America to start a new life.

However, the thought of reinventing ourselves AGAIN is truly exciting. Moving to a new place where we know no one, hardly speak the language and discovering a new culture is both terrifying and thrilling.

Things we will miss in the US: our family and friends, Amazon Prime and Costco.

Our new way of shopping…so long Costco!

Things we won’t miss in the US: politics, racism and bigotry, our cars and Costco. It’s funny how as Americans we are taught to consume—the mass quantities of groceries, new cars, big homes—all things we are happy to leave behind in search of a local bakery, mercado, cafes on every street corner with coffee, wine and tapas. Living without a vehicle feels liberating—no gas, insurance, long commutes or traffic jams in exchange for new folding bikes to meander along town and beach bike paths, the subway, buses and trains for out-of-town travel

Valencia train station – magnificent art and 

architecture with mosaic tile everywhere!

We will arrive in Valencia with two large suitcases each, with plans to ship Craig’s art supplies as well as a few kitchen and bath items via slow boat. So while the end in the US is near, our new beginning is just around the corner. We are ready (almost) for our new adventure.