Day 2: Barcelona

Can’t keep up on the cathedrals – started in the 14th century, I believe
But so cool, inside & out – check out the ceiling!
Nautilus steps to the balcony
Just another monument in Barca
Closest we got to Messi!
Prawns, prawns, prawns!
Fresh, fresh, fresh!

Day 2 – oops, slept in again. Craig should have woken me, but finally crawled out of bed for a lovely late breakfast at a nearby bakery. I chose a spinach quiche. But far from ordinary, it was both sweet and savory with golden raisins and pine nuts in the quiche.

Should have purchased passes/reservations for Sangrada Familia….the lines!

Headed down to the Born area where we visited the Cathedral de Santa Maria. Built in 1600’s its stained glass, especially the rose window was extraordinary. Flying buttresses everywhere! We found a winding stairwell—comparable to a nautilus shell, where we were able to look down upon the cathedral and appreciate its grandeur.

Worked our way over to the Picasso Museum but not willing to wait on queue for an hour. Maybe next trip. Worked our way down towards the port and saw the striking monolith of Christopher Columbus. Of course, we had to walk Las Ramblas, just to say we had done it. Filled with tourists and locals, the walkways spilled out with street artists, performance artists, tzatche shops, bars, restaurants and lots of interesting people to enjoy.

Entering the Mercat de Boqueria, every sense was explored—the smells of fine chocolate and spices were amazing. Viewing all the fresh seafood, I was blown away at the number of different sizes and types of prawns…there are some major big prawns! The sounds of hungry locals and tourists ordering tapas at small lunch counters. Stall after stall of fruits and vegetables, much fresher and more beautiful than anything you see in the states, sans a farmers market with abundantly more. Seven miles so far and another walk to and from dinner to come.

Dinner tonight: Etapes…amazing! A prix fix menu, truly a five-star meal:

Scallops with pork belly

Lamb shank with potato foam – I haven’t eaten lamb for probably 50 years, but if I am going to eat it, it should taste like this.

Tiramisu to melt in your mouth

Note to self: Spaniards dine al fresco, but also smoke 😦


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Barcelona

  1. Wow! Retirement? Already? Sounds like you’re having a blast! Can’t wait to find out where you will finally pitch your tent. I have visited Madrid, and Costa Del Sol. I thought that Costa Del Sol was cool, primarily because of the Mediterranean. Gotta love living by the sea! Fresh seafood every day. Now that’s heaven. I also visited Lisbon, which I thought was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. Very lush. Couldn’t understand a word of Portuguese, however. Looking forward to hearing (and seeing!) more of your travels!


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